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READ THIS! Air Medical Flights: Angels of Mercy or Angels of Death?

Another fatal crash on February 21, 2005...
this is the eighth Air Evac helicopter accident since 2001.
Read the details at the public links below:

Federal Officials Investigate Air-Evac Helicopter Crash (TheHomeTownChannel, February 22 2005)
First NTSB report on helicopter crash is out (NWAnews, March 4 2005)
More Flights, More Crashes (NWAonline, Febrary 27 2005)
Air Evac copter crashes in Arkansas (SlackDavis, February 23 2005)
NTSB Issues Preliminary Report On Fatal Air-Evac Crash (CMS.Firehouse, March 3 2005)
Three injured, patient killed in Arkansas helicopter crash (FlightWeb, March 6 2005)
One Killed, Three Injured After Air Evac Crash (EMSnetwork, February 22 2005)
Crashes Start Debate on Safety of Sky Ambulances (SlackDavis, February 28 2005)

These helicopters are dangerous! They should not be allowed to fly low
over our highly populated neighborhoods in Mt Vernon IL several times a day.

The advantages of helicopters are greatly exaggerated by commercial interests:

EMS Myth: Air medical helicopters save lives and are cost-effective (EMS Magazine, August 2003)
Safety record of air ambulance industry under scrutiny (Post-Gazette, March 4 2005)
New York Times takes a close look at Air Evac Lifeteam (NYTimes, May 3 2005)
Are Emergency Medical Helicopters Being Overused? (WSOC TV, May 17 2005)
Aeromed pros disagree over efficacy of EMS (AIN, Sept 2002)

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