STOP "smart meters" from Ameren!

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The time is short (too short!)
Ameren begins installing smart meters here ~May 25, 2015
If you want to OPT-OUT, contact them now!

We really need a 6-12 month delay, so people can study this and make a wise decision. Will it happen?


Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan ("an experiment too expensive for consumers...")

Smart Grid/Meter - Illinois Tea Party (a good reference list of smart meter problems)

Hundreds of smart meters explode (Stockton, California March 2015)

100 More Smart Meters Explode (Capitola, California May 2015)

Take Back Your Power (a movie re the "Smart Grid")

Women arrested for not wanting smart meters on their homes... [YouTube]

Cheapest Way of Screening a Smart Meter [YouTube]

Mylar - a cheap RF/EMF shield (Amazon)

Wireless Technology and the Toxification of America (Obama and federal subsidies) (check the number & location of RF transmitter antennas near you!)

RF antennas & transmitters in Mt Vernon IL 62864 (data, spreadsheets, & maps)***

Stop Smart Meters! FAQs +
You can search for "steel" in this link to find a method to help block the RF pulses from entering your home. Requires a piece of steel sheet and some aluminum screen wire. However reading further, the RF pulses may enter your house wiring nevertheless (100,000+ times per day), creating an unblockable health hazard. You will be irradiated constantly, at least one high intensity pulse every 1-2 minutes.

Indoor and outdoor protection against Smart Meter's EMF radiation

Smart Grid Awareness

Wikipedia: non-ionizing radiation

200 Scientists call for Protection from Non-ionizing EMF Exposure

OSHA: Non-Ionizing Radiation (worker safety standards)

Wiki: Personal RF safety monitors

fieldSENSE: a personal RF field strength monitor (expensive)

Smart Meters: Documented Health and Safety Issues by a Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D Biochemist

Smart Meter Dangers: The Health Hazards of Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure (by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri)

EMF Safety Network - Reduce electromagnetic and wireless pollution to protect children, communities, and nature

Scientific review of MRI safety (includes a good overview of EMF/RF exposure)

Wikipedia: International Agency for Research on Cancer

Michigan Court Orders Justification of Smart Meter Refusal Fees

Smart Meter Refusal Fee Rescinded in Arizona

Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Mistreats Consumers Refusing Smart Meters

ICC press releases (list of)

ICC press release (Sept 5 2014) (re Ameren OPT-OUT fees)

ICC, eDocket, Case 12-0298 (JohnnyBob's comments, June 15 2015)

Public Act 0616 97TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY ("Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act" - Illinois 2011)

Illinois Senate votes for Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (Quincy Journal)

Electric Infrastructure Investment Plans (list of, ComEd & Ameren)

2015 AIC AMI Plan Update April 3 2015 (re Ameren smart meter plans...) [PDF]

I encourage you to do your own research as well. There's a ton of negative info out there.
The bureaucracy is huge but you can help raise awareness and keep it off your own house!