L e a f   B u r n i n g
(updated March 10, 2017)

Leaf burning was banned in Mt Vernon IL 62864 on September 2, 2014 !!!

Leaf smoke causes cancer, as well as many other lung problems, so this is an important historic event. It will significantly improve our quality of life and prospects for longevity. Thank you to everyone who supported this change!

However it's just the first step. The larger question is any combustion or process that affects air quality, and thus our health. We must all breathe the same air.

The major current loophole that allows "recreational burning" should be closed. That includes bonfires, campfires, and weeny/marshmellow roasts.

Burning for purposes of disposal should be prohibited. That includes burning on the open ground, in burn barrels, or pits: trash, garbage, plastics, oil, paper, lumber, and trees/limbs/sticks/twigs/brush/leaves.

Mt Vernon is not a rural area anymore. It's a growing city with a high population density which makes those activities unacceptable.

This attempt to bring back leaf burning was tabled and failed!
Mt. Vernon Register-News, March 19 2016, headline page 1A & 5A

Unfortunately then Mayor and Fire Chief used exec powers to allow open burning for a long period.
So we must be ever vigilant against those who don't care about our local air quality!

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