TABLEBASE copy service.
Nalimov 3-4-5-6, Syzygy 3-4-5-6
on external USB drive.
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Johnny Bob's CHESS LINKS
(last updated March 7, 2014)
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Braille Chess - a website that helps blind people play chess
WinBoard 4.5 for JAWS Chess Program for the blind - Home Page and download link
WinBoard 4.5 for JAWS - Alternative download page at Sourceforge called here Winboard 4.5 Accessible Chess


ChessBase - #1 chess database system, Fritz software, online play, chess news, etc
ChessBase(online) - free online search of a large chess games database
ChessPad - a free chess database system by Mark van der Leek
ChessLab - free online search of 2,000,000+ games (requires Java)
Scid - a free chess database system for Windows/Linux/Mac


Chess is Fun - by Jon Edwards
ChessOK (puzzles) - solve Chess Puzzles online
Chess Visualisation Training - by Jan Matthies
PGN - Portable Game Notation, a detailed description with references
UCI - description of the Universal Chess Interface


ChessliB - download Nalimov 3-4-5 pieces endgame tablebases
ChessOK (endgames) - free online search of Nalimov tablebases (accepts FEN)
FinalGen - tablebase generator, solves endings with any number of pawns and 1 piece (maximum) per side
Gaviota - download 3-4-5 piece Gaviota tablebases (used by Houdini engine)
Shredder (endgames) - free online search of 3-4-5-6 piece Nalimov tablebases (accepts FEN) - download 3-4-5-6 piece Nalimov and Syzygy tablebases
Olympus Chess - download 3-4-5-6 piece Syzygy tablebases via torrent


Fruit - formerly a top commercial engine, now free, no longer developed
Houdini - a free/commercial UCI chess engine, uses Gaviota/Nalimov/Syzygy tablebases (#1 in most rating lists)
Komodo - a commercial chess engine (strong contender for #1)
Rebel - a variety of chess engines and software (mostly older)
Rybka - ("little fish") a commercial chess engine and related software (formerly #1)
Shredder - a commercial top class chess engine, GUI (Graphic User Interface) and other software
Stockfish - a free open source UCI chess engine (strong contender for #1)


CCC - Computer Chess Club forums sponsored by ChessUSA
CCRL Discussion Board - two forums: CCRL Public (re chess engine tests), and Endgame Tablebases
Chess2U - a Computer Chess discussion forum
Immortal Chess Forum - an international Computer Chess discussion forum (in Russian, with English section)
OpenChess - an independent Computer Chess discussion forum
Rybka Chess Community Forum - discussion of Rybka, plus several other computer chess forums
USCF Discussion Forums - several forums, emphasizing USCF over-the-board chess
Winboard Forum - discussions about Xboard/Winboard, Computer Chess and programming


A.D. Scacchistica Partenopea - The Chess Club in Naples, Italy
Arena - a free chess GUI (Graphic User Interface)
Chess & Bridge Ltd - Chess, Bridge, Poker and tons of other games! (London)
ChessBomb - Chessdom Live Arena (live events)
Chessmaster - popular commercial chess playing software
Chessopolis - large collection of chess links
Dr. Robert Hyatt's Home Page & FTP Directory - Crafty engine, Nalimov 3-4-5 tablebases
Schachgemeinschaft Rochade Kuppenheim 1979 e.V. - in German (some English)
Tim Mann's Chess Page - info on XBoard, WinBoard, GNU Chess, Internet Chess Servers, Zippy, and more
University of Pittsburgh Chess Club - an old established university chess club


Bookup - learn the chess openings (software by Mike Leahy)
ChessOK (openings) - enter opening tree moves and get instant statistics
Opening Master - large commercial openings databases
Shredder (openings) - free online search of openings databases (accepts FEN)


CCCA - Canadian Correspondence Chess Association
CFC - Chess Federation of Canada
CCLA - Correspondence Chess League of America
CCLA Server Chess - includes an excellent up-to-date tutorial & detailed FAQs re the ICCF web-server!
FIDE - World Chess Federation
ICCF - International Correspondence Chess Federation
ICCF-US - the USA affiliate of ICCF
IECC - International Email Chess Club
IECG - International Email Chess Group (now server-chess only)
USCF (home) - United States Chess Federation
USCF (CC) - USCF Correspondence Chess


Johnny Bob    (June 17, 2012)


ChessOK (play) - play chess against a computer
FICS - Free Internet Chess Server
GameKnot - play chess online - play free online, turn-based classic board games
Internet Chess Club - a place to play chess on the Internet - play online chess, checkers, backgammon, and other games
Net-Chess - play correspondence chess through a web-based interface
Stan's NetChess - your address for correspondence chess in the internet age


Campbell Report - Franklin Campbell
Check is in the Mail - Alex Dunne
Chess Mail Mag - Tim Harding
Chess Publishing - online publisher of chess opening theory
Schaak! - Jaap van der Kooij


CCRL - Computer Chess Rating Lists
CEGT - Chess Engines Grand Tournament
CPW - chess engine rating lists (Wiki)
SSDF - Swedish Chess Computer Association
TCEC - live broadcast of chess engine games


ChessBase USA
Chess Cafe
Chess Outpost
USCF (sales)
Wholesale Chess

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