How to Register a Domain and Host Your Website
(last updated January 24, 2007)

(1) Search for an available domain name.
(2) Order it from a domain registrar.
(3) Find a host for your website.

      Here are some links you can use to search for availability of a domain:   directnic   tera-byte   betterwhois   domaintools   dnsstuff
      I tried as a domain registrar several years ago. There was a problem with frames after they redirected the domain to my website, but it was fixable with some framebuster coding. Also their server sometimes gave a 'Server not found' or 'DNS error' message. It only worked about 95% of the time. I also had serious problems with their email forwarding (heavyhanded spam filters). Obviously I do not recommend them.

      I also tried domain registration with Someone recommended it to me. They allowed redirection with or without frames, whereas would only redirect in a frame. is a division of with headquarters in Canada. They were slower to impliment the registration (4-5 days) but their redirection server was reliable. Unfortunately as with, their email forwarding was not reliable. Also I had some difficult problems transferring a domain to them, which was their fault. I don't recommend them.

      There are many new discount domain registrars costing under $10/year, for example and I've tried both of these in the past. Like the others, their email forwarding was unreliable. I definitely dislike which is unreliable, dishonest, and user unfriendly.

      For inexpensive domain registration you might now (in 2007) want to check out and is the biggest registrar in the USA, while is #1 in Europe. At only $5.99/year for a new domain or renewal, including free WHOIS privacy protection, is my pick.

      After you have registered a domain of your own, you'll need a host for your website. Some ISPs provide free webspace. Free is good. If not, here's three cheap possibilities for $1-$2/month:  The first two are fairly well developed, probably OK for most people. is more primitive, but attractive GB-wise. I recommend getting a host which has "cpanel", an easy-to-understand management tool.