As of 7/21/2007, I have quit counting helicopters, so this page may not be updated again. But nothing has changed... They're still a royal pain in the ass! They continue to buzz our home at low altitudes, almost daily, often many times per day. The noise and vibrations are horrible, but obviously there's nothing I can do about it. This town's administration and that hospital's management don't care who they disturb, and don't know what's actually good for our town and neighborhood. They only understand nonsensical political newspeak in their own little world divorced from reality, out of touch with the people who live here. They are like mindless robots without any purpose except self-validation. They lead nowhere.

This used to be "King City" but now it's BoomBox Town :(

CLICK for info about a 2-hour VHS videotape of the low-flying helicopters in Mt Vernon IL
Helicopters & BoomBoxes are terrorizing Mt. Vernon, Illinois
Why isn't something being done to stop it?
Huge new helicopter noise record in  October 2003

Click for Southern Illinois - Peace and Quiet (SI-PAQ) and the noise pollution Archives
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These helicopters are DANGEROUS!!!
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Many other locales also have a serious helicopter noise problem...
Click here to read about helicopter noise in Boston, Massachusetts.

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