Johnny Bob's Archives Index

0. Southern Illinois - Peace and Quiet SI-PAQ, devoted to eliminating noise pollution from low-flying helicopters and boom boxes
1. Helicopter Videotape a 2-hour VHS videotape of low-flying helicopters buzzing our home in Mt Vernon IL
2. Low-Flying Helicopter Log log of low-flying helicopter incidents in Mt Vernon IL, starting Feb 1 2000 til the present
3. Our Local Helicopter Problem a description of our low-flying helicopter noise pollution problem in Mt Vernon IL USA
4. Helicopter Problems Around the USA other helicopter noise pollution problems around the USA and the world
5. FAA Helicopter Noise Hearings the US Congress mandated FAA hearings (2000) about helicopter noise
6. Noise Pollution Links a list of leading links to various websites dealing with the noise pollution issue
7. Other Local Environmental Concerns other local environmental concerns in Mt Vernon IL, in addition to helicopter noise pollution
8. Miscellaneous miscellaneous information posted on Johnny Bob's message boards, or gathered elsewhere

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last updated 1/19/2004